Terms & Conditions

Last updated: May 10, 2024

For usage of Renoapp's Partner and Consumer app you are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions set forth by Renoapp:

User Agreement

* This app is published and maintained by Renoapp Technologies Private Limited
* When you access, browse, or use any services provided by Renoapp, you accept the terms and conditions set forth below, without limitation.
* These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Renoapp and the user with respect to the use of the website, mobile application, or any other services offered solely by Renoapp.

Terms of Use

* By using the services of Renoapp, be it the website, mobile application, or concierge service, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of use and agree to be bound by them.
*  While people under the age of 18 can use the services of Renoapp, they must do so under the guidance of their parents and/ or legal guardians.
* With regards to any services provided by Renoapp involving the consumption of alcohol, the user must warrant that they are of legal drinking age in strict adherence to specific state laws and the Government of India. For example, Delhi NCR users booking at bars should be a minimum of 21 years or above.

What will we do with your personal information?

* We at Renoapp are committed to protecting and ensuring your privacy. Only authorized employees within the company have access to the user’s details and information & are prohibited from using this information for any personal or commercial use.
* Client records are regarded as confidential and will not be divulged to any third party, other than to appropriate authorities, only if legally required. We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party.
* Any emails sent by this Company will only be in connection with the provision of agreed services and products.
* We also need to share customer's details with specific restaurants, where a reservation has been made, for a better customer experience. The restaurant may also contact customers for the given reservation or for any promotions afterward.

What is Renoapp responsible for?

* Renoapp offers a reservation service between the user and the restaurants and does not accept any liability arising out of your dining experience regarding quality of service or food, as it is delivered by a restaurant and not by Renoapp.
* Renoapp is not liable for any changes in menu or pricing at the restaurant.
* We will investigate any written complaints against a restaurant on receipt of complete details.

Cancellation, No Show

Renoapp is committed to providing convenient and quality service to our users. To help us in maintaining this level of service, we urge our users to cancel their reservations if they will be unable to reach the restaurant at the decided time.

Q. How can I cancel a reservation?
You can cancel your bookings through My Reservations section on the app.
Q. Will I get charged for cancelling a reservation?
Renoapp has no cancellation and booking charges for users.

For Restaurant Partners:

Service Shipping:

Restaurants can register their business on the platform through the partner.renoapp.in website. Post registration and on successful KYC verification, details of merchant app with credentials are provided to restaurants. This process takes less than 2 hours. Once restaurant profile gets approved on the merchant app post activation request being sent by partner restaurant it takes less than 3 hours for the restaurant to go live on Renoapp.

Cancellation of Subscription & Deletion of Restaurant from platform.

Partner restaurants are signed up on a recurring subscription which can be paused anytime by contacting the customer care or through the “Manage Subscription” section on the partner website. Restaurants can also choose to delete their restaurant from renoapp through the “Manage subscription” section on the partner website. Manage Subscription section can only be accessed by a “registered” partner restaurant through the credentials provided.


For Restaurants:

Renoapp charges a one time onboarding-fee of Rs. 1000 to onboard restaurants on the platform. This fee is charged when the restaurant registers on Renoapp. Post which a recurring subscription fee of Rs. 3000 per month is charged through an e-mandate.

For customers:

Renoapp is free to use for customers.

Refund policy (Refunds / Cancellations)

For customers:

Renoapp’s Renopay is just a medium to facilitate payments and is only used after bill generation at the restaurant, refunds on any payments done through Renopay would be non-refundable. Please feel free to contact us through Whatsapp/Call at 7000449336 in case you are facing any service/experience issues with the restaurant and you need our help to sort that up for you. Please do this before making the payment.

For restaurants:

Restaurant subscriptions and onboarding charges are non-refundable.

Please go to “Manage Subscription” section on the partner website, sign-in with the credentials used on the merchant app to “stop subscriptions” or “delete restaurant” from the platform.

In case of payment failures (where the account has been charged but transaction failed) an automatic refund will be released in 5-7 working days. Please feel free to make another payment for restaurant registration in this case.

User Communication Guidelines

We send our users (registered with us) regular communications about our products and offers.
If you have a question or concern you cant find here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@renoapp.in