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    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    What is Reno App?

    Reno App is India’s first discounted restaurant reservation platform offering real-time discounts of up to 50% off your complete bill for every restaurant. We help restaurants fill up their empty tables and allow our users to dine out more for less. Simply make a reservation through our app (available for Android & iOS), show up, and get your discount automatically deducted from your bill! There’s no need to print any coupons, pay upfront, or use a credit card. Reserve through Reno App – Dine Hard Save smart!

    How do I make a reservation?

    Reservations can be made via our app. First, pick a restaurant you like. Then, select the party size, the date and the time you want to visit the restaurant (the height of the discount is dependent on the time you choose). Next, fill out your personal details. After you’re done with this, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your mobile number.

    How do I get my discount?

    After making a reservation, Check the Upcoming bookings in the My Reservations section of the App. Reach to the Restaurant within the 30 mins time slot and Unlock the deal in the presence of the restaurant staff. The discount will be automatically applied to your bill on following the above procedure.

    Does the Reno discount have any fine print?

    The discount includes all the food and beverage items on the menu. Drinks are excluded from the discount in some exceptions, and the discount cannot be combined with existing promotions – whether in-house or otherwise. The restaurant may also exclude in-house value meals when these include drinks.

    Is there a minimum order before I can get the discount?

    No! There is no minimum order and you are not limited to the choice of dishes you have to enjoy in order to get the Reno discount.

    Until what time can I cancel a reservation?

    Your reservation can be canceled any time before your actual reservation time.

    How long in advance can I make a reservation?

    7 days.

    Do I need to sign up to use the app?

    Absolutely not. The app is completely free to use and always will be.

    Do I have to give my credit card details at any point?

    Nope. There is at no point the need to share your credit card details with us. You simply make a reservation and just pay at the restaurant.

    What happens if I am too late or too early for my reservation?

    It is okay to be up to 20 minutes late or 15 minutes early for a reservation, but beyond that is up to the restaurant’s discretion if they want to accommodate your party. If you are late beyond 20 minutes and the restaurant still wants to accommodate you, it is up to the restaurant’s discretion whether or not they provide the Reno discount.

    Can I cancel or change my reservation?

    Yes, you can. In case you change your plans, just pull up your reservation confirmation in the app or website and hit the cancel button.

    What happens if I can’t make it to a reservation but I don’t cancel?

    If you make a reservation and somehow are unable to make it, please ensure to always cancel. Informing a restaurant upfront allows them to properly manage their staff and free up your table for other diners. Reno App users who repeatedly do not show up without cancelling will get their account suspended.

    Why does the app say that some time slots are sold out?

    In case a certain time slot is very popular it can be that the demand for it outstrips supply. If this is the case, please try another time slot or day.

    What happens if I make a reservation, but the restaurant refuses to give me my discount?

    In the unlikely event if this happens, please contact us at through Support Section on the app and we’ll help in any way we can.

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