Renoapp i.e Reno Media Private Limited will list the details of “Restaurant” and its discount on its website, mobile application and other medium on a 30 min slot basis where Renoapp has the capability and expertise to promote the restaurant and collect bookings for table reservation and pass these to the “Restaurant” along with customer’s details for dine-in.

“Restaurant” will provide the reservation to the customer passed by Renoapp with the offering of the mutual slot discount.

“Restaurant” will mention “Renoapp” with the offered discount on the final bill.

* The “Restaurant” will be charged a membership fee each month for the access of Renoapp’s proprietary software.

* The Restaurant will be listed and launched on the app and website on 25th February as per the tentative launch date of Renoapp.

Order Procedure-

• All bookings will be placed at the Contact numbers or POS or First party device/ backend, or Email IDs provided by the “Restaurant”

* After accepting a booking, “Restaurant” will deliver directly to the customer.
“Renoapp” at its end will undertake all possible measures to check for the authenticity of the orders passed to the restaurant. “Restaurant” at its end can undertake its own measures to cross verify the orders, if it feels the need to do so.

• “Renoapp” will not be responsible for fake orders received by them. The “Restaurant” during the processing of order can call up the customer with the help of Renoapp and check for the authenticity of the order.

Changes in Restaurant’s information

That in case of changes in Terms & Condition, Contact details etc; the “Restaurant” needs to inform “Renoapp” through email or phone as soon as possible. “Renoapp” would make the changes, within 3 hours from the date of getting information.
Till such time where the revised information is provided and updated by “Renoapp”, the “Restaurant” will agree to abide by the information provided before such changes.

In case of non-availability of tables, the “Restaurant” would update the same on the backend.

• The “Restaurant” should ensure that all the information provided to the backend is correct and updated at all times.

• The “Restaurant” will ensure at all times the slot discounts are at the ultimate basis of the off-peak and peak hours of the restaurant. The app and its slots are meant to be dynamic in nature in terms of the live and predicted traffic at the outlet.

Payment from Customer –

• “Restaurant” will be collecting payments directly from the customer.

“Renoapp” reserves the entire rights of advertisements on it’s platform (website/mobile) application. The “Restaurant” is not entitled to any share of revenue through such advertisement.

• The data (information) that you provide to “Renoapp” will only be used for record purposes. We shall ensure that the data is used for no other purposes and is not disclosed to a third party i.e. other companies or individuals unless required to do so by law.


A list of Special instructions decided mutually will be embedded in the app for your Restaurant, they should then be followed for every booking provided by Reno. Change in the above instructions will only take effect on a prior communication with the backend on a 7(Seven) days notice.

Any sort of inconvenience caused to the customer with below reasons and terms will encourage penalty, termination of agreement or in future might also lead to legal action against the restaurant.

Sudden/On-the-spot change in deals and discounts with no prior communication to the backend.

Refusing to accept the Reno customer without prior notice to the “First Party”

Refusing to apply the slot discount on billing.

Restaurant will not be entitled to any such Refund in case of discontinuation of Reno service.